Roger French, managing director of Brighton and Hove Bus and Coach Company, says, quite rightly, the adverts for the £2.80 ticket state clearly this price is for online orders only.

However, in my particular case I ended up being out of pocket after ordering £28 of tickets online.

I needed the tickets to get to work so when the postman tried to deliver the tickets, surprise, surprise I was not in.

The package had to be signed for so the tickets were taken to the post collection depot in Denmark Villas, Hove, to await my collection.

As I do not live within walking distance of Denmark Villas, I had to take a bus to collect the tickets.

I ended up out of pocket and had to waste time on my day off to go on an unnecessary bus journey and wait in a large queue for my packet of tickets.

In future I will buy my tickets from the newsagent. It's easier, quicker and cheaper.

Kate Wells,
Gladys Road, Hove