Another case dropped against a protester (The Argus, February 3). More public money wasted persecuting peaceful protesters.

It would be interesting to know the total costs involved in such arbitrary and pointless prosecutions. Pointless from the point of view of the police and Crown Prosecution Service, that is.

From the point of view of campaigners. the police provide a valuable service to protesters in highlighting the issues they care about.

The police's expensive misjudgment in arresting Chris Osmond has enabled the issue of the Israeli goods, sport and academic boycott to be brought up in the Press whereas normally it would be little mentioned.

And where would the EDO campaign (supplier to the Israeli Airforce) be now without the help of Sussex Police?

This boycott Israel campaign is planning a higher profile in the future - hopefully with the continuing co-operation of Sussex Police - so that this issue will ultimately achieve the same level of support that the South African boycott had a few decades ago.

After the brutal and uncompromising attacks on Gaza and Lebanon, Israel has become a pariah state and more people than ever before realise this, will join the growing boycott and stop buying Israeli goods.

Glenn Williams
Park Crescent Road,