A TEENAGER’S 16th birthday party had to be shut down by police after the event got out of hand.

It is believed the party attracted gatecrashers after it was advertised on Facebook.

About 70 people were at the event at Fishersgate community centre, in West Road, on Saturday night when the party started to get out of control.

Police were called at around 11pm.

When they arrived, one police community support officer was assaulted by a partygoer and when other officers intervened more teenagers got involved.

Multiple arrests were made before the party was shut down.

Fishersgate Community Association chairman Peter Averillo, who was at the centre to clean up yesterday, said he was “deeply upset” at the attitude and behaviour of some of the partygoers.

He said: “They just showed absolutely no respect at all. That was not just to the police but to the building as well.

“The building has plasterboards and some decided it would be good to head-butt them or put their fist through them. The damage is superficial but we can do without it.

“It is the first time we have ever had to call the police out to stop a party at the centre.”

Mr Averillo said the incident had made him think again about the centre’s policy on parties.

He said: “We always say there should be five adults present. Now I think we need to say there should be five adults aged 30 and over who are not involved.

“There was drink involved and it looks like things just escalated. No wonder people don’t want parties like this in their own homes.”

He said party organisers had lost their deposit for the the building. The cost of the damage is not yet known.

Special Constable Chris Dowling was among officers called to the scene.

He said on Twitter: “On arrival the crowd was anti and organisers wanted it shut down. A male assaulted a PCSO and was promptly arrested and taken to the floor. We were then bundled.

“Hit my emergency button and we had multiple units assist, including the dog unit and traffic unit from Worthing and Brighton. Multiple arrests made.”

No officers suffered any serious injuries.