A MAN called the police after someone "fired" at him from a window but after police arrived he discovered he had been hit by chocolates flung from a catapult. 

Officers from Sussex Police attended the scene in Lisher Road, Lancing, yesterday at 4.05pm after a man reported he had been hit in the arm by an "unknown object" fired from a neighbour's window.

Police attended and searched the area but no one was found.

But the resident and another neighbour discovered "chocolate balls" fired by a catapult in their gardens.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: "Police received a call from a resident in Lisher Road, Lancing, on Sunday (1 March) at 4.05pm who said he believed a neighbour had fired something out of a window and he had been hit on the arm by an unknown object.

"Officers attended and made a search of the area. No one was found. The resident who made the call and another neighbour found some chocolate balls in their gardens. They are believed to have been fired by a catapult. No one was hurt."