Bar could lose licence (The Argus, February 26.) Really? I have the pleasure of frequenting the Northern Lights occasionally, and I find it to be one of the most inoffensive and pleasurable establishments in Brighton.

The staff are always friendly and accommodating and I have never seen or heard of any aggravation of any kind.

Rather than demonising them, we should be proud and encouraging of such places, which give Brighton its unique character.

I can only assume by the draconian terminology used in the article (vertical drinking anyone?) that its source is direct from either the police or the licensing committee, and that as such there is an ulterior motive in trying to suspend the venue’s trading.

Maybe we should be told the full story? Or maybe (should the wording of the licence be open to interpretation) it should be altered to allow this establishment to continue trading in the inoffensive manner in which it does presently?

Instead we see some Orwellian jack-booted approach so typical of today’s administration.

Meanwhile, drunken stag party carnage is allowed to continue every weekend on West Street, thanks to large institutionalised bars, thus making it a no-go area for residents.

A vicious annual march through our city is seemingly acceptable.

Obviously tax-paying residents do not have a say in the way our city is administered.

Boy, have we become a sanctimonious place in the last five years.

Stuart Roux Address supplied