A Brighton man has become the first to be arrested in Sussex under new drug-driving laws.

Legislation that came into force today sets legal limits for how much of a substance - both illegal drugs and prescription medication - motorists can have in their system while driving.

The 35-year-old man was stopped during a police operation in London Road, Brighton, and tested using the new drug-driving equipment at about 9.35am.

He was arrested on suspicion of drug-driving and taken to a police station for further tests. He was later being bailed until April 24.

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas said: "The new legislation makes it far easier for us to get drivers who have taken drugs off the roads.

"It will help us to make the streets of Sussex safer by getting selfish motorists banned if they put other road users at risk by getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs.

"We will not tolerate drug-driving and would urge anyone who thinks they know someone who is driving after taking drugs to contact us urgently so that we can act."

Officers no longer need to prove that a motorist is fit to drive - just that the motorist has an illegal level of drugs in their system while driving.

A new device has also been approved that will allow officers at the roadside to test if a motorist has taken cannabis or cocaine, using a swab from inside a driver's mouth.