A GROUP of friends dressed as zebras to raise awareness of a debilitating condition.

Yasmin Fakouri, Nolie Gaudesaboos, Katie Howes and Gemma Norton took to the streets of Brighton and Hove to raise awareness and money for the Ehlers-Danlsos syndrome (EDS) UK charity.

Gemma’s sister Kelly, 23, suffers from the condition which affects flexibility of joints, the skin, and in particular the fragility of the skin tissue.

She has been in and out of hospitals and seeing specialists since 2005, but was only diagnosed with the condition in 2012.

She suffers from a wide range of symptoms including joint pain, sprains, dislocations, easy bruising, irritable bowel syndrome, and fatigue.

Gemma said: “The main thing Kelly needs is moral support from her family and that has brought us much closer together.

"It can be very hard at times but it is worth it to make sure she stays fit and well.”

The group of friends has been collecting money for the charity in their fetching outfits around Brighton and Hove.

Gemma will also be running the Brighton 10km in April for the charity. To donate visit justgiving.com/gemma-norton1