A COMPANY which helps reduce outbreaks of norovirus in hospitals has opened an office in Hove.

Dyteqta is a UK-based international consultancy that helps reduce the spread of pathogens and spores via contaminated air and plumbing.

The company helps commercial properties mitigate risk through non-invasive monitoring of existing plumbing.

There have been a number of recent norovirus outbreaks recently within UK hospitals, including at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

As a result health trusts and practices are coming under closer scrutiny in the upcoming months as a result.

Dyteqta works with hospitals consulting on and improving drainage.

Its sonar plumbing technology is backed by nine filed patents and two patents pending.

Office manager Roz Garnem said: “We are dedicated to focusing our solutions on reducing health risks associated with the spread of spore travelling viruses and as the problem becomes more frequent public awareness is heightened.

“We just want to help eradicate this preventable situation from occurring anywhere else.”