THE battle between the i360 and Brighton Wheel continues to rumble on.

Brighton Wheel bosses want another five years in the city. However, i360 chiefs have said there was already an agreement in place.

They claim that agreement stated the Wheel would be there as a stop gap only before the i360 was opened. But after a day of everyone having their say, nothing is really that clear.

Brighton and Hove City Council is stuck in the middle of it all. Their officers need to make it clear what agreement – if any – is in place. Wheel bosses claim the two attractions can co-exist happily with both making plenty of money. But business leaders have suggested otherwise.

Meanwhile those with a foot in the i360 camp do not want anything to potentially impact on the success of the project.

From their point of view, too much money and time and effort has gone into the i360 proposal for it not to be a success.

This whole matter needs to be cleared up and guidance has to be given. This is the future of tourism in Brighton and Hove.