A BUSINESS which started out as a small agency 25 years ago is celebrating a significant growth spurt.

The Telemarketing Company started in Steyning in 1990 and was bought by its current owners when it had just 20 staff.

It is now one of the UK’s top telemarketing agencies, employs 200 people in Brighton and last year recorded growth of 33% with a £4 million turnover.

The company provides B2B contact services to everything from small enterprises to large clue-chip clients around the world.

It boasts a large team of mature, trained and salaried callers who employ unscripted selling techniques.

Niall said: “Training and development have always been a priority. We look to recruit and retain the best people and invest in their development.

“Our average age of 37 and average tenure of 35 months is unparalleled in our industry.

“A mature senior management team, with over 100 years total tenure with the company, is also exceptional.”

He added: “Of course, we are happy with current growth but customer satisfaction is what counts.

“We pride ourselves most on our levels of repeat business and the fact that our website hosts the largest library of customer testimonials in the industry”.