May I as a former Seaford Town Councillor respond to comments by Simon Boots about the council in the Argus last Friday?

There is no doubt that the council has gone through a difficult four years since the 2011 elections.

At that time most of the former council of 20 (including myself) decided for a number of reasons not to stand for re-election.

As a present councillor has stated in the Argus, a number of the allegations of bullying related to prior to May 2011, but it must be emphasised that the current controversy over the town clerk’s discharge from office last year, relates to her conduct since the present Conservative administration took control in 2011.

It is difficult to separate local government from politics, even though Seaford Town Councillors, unlike those in Eastbourne and Brighton, are unpaid.

There is a parallel in elections each four years with Lewes District Council which being one rung up the ladder of council power is much more aligned on party affiliations.

Many Seaford councillors also sit as district councillors.

Maybe a solution would be (as proposed some years in the past) to remove the district level and revert to a two-tier authority with a unified East Sussex authority.

This has happened elsewhere in the country, and would mean more devolvement of powers to Seaford council similar to that before 1974.

At that time Seaford – or rather those who governed Seaford then – decided it did not need a parish council and it was administered from Lewes for 25 years.

During those 25 years many policy decisions were made, and assets were disposed of by LDC and East Sussex County Council without the opposition a town council could have mounted.

If Mr Boots feels Seaford Town Councillors have a role in serving the community maybe he should offer to stand in May. I would advise him that it is not a responsibility to take lightly.

Sadly in 2011 a number of councillors I believe were not given proper training which led to the disputes and resignations which have littered the last four years.

That left a gap of control which resulted in the problems involving the former town clerk.

Bob Brown
Ringmer Road