MANAGEMENT at a Scandinavian-style cafe-bar is celebrating after coming out on top in a licensing dispute.

Sussex Police wanted to amend the licensing conditions of the Northern Lights in Brighton because it deemed it to be operating more like a pub than a cafe-bar.

But a panel of councillors, who took nearly two hours to come to a decision, agreed with the landlord to keep its licence as it is with a few minor adjustments.

It must now have available seating for 80% of its capacity to help alleviate the issue surrounding "vertical drinking", and the Little East Street venue will have to stop serving alcohol at 1am.

The opening hours remain unchanged, despite opposition calling for them to be slashed to an 11pm closing time.

Paulina Talvernsaari, manager and supervisor of the Northern Lights, said: "This is a win for us.

"Everything is much clearer now (in terms of interpretation) and we can move forward.

"We never wanted to be a pub, and we're happy with the result."