SOMEBODY call a taxi for this confused motorist.

The Volvo driver pulled into a line of stationary Brighton taxis and became irate when they would not move when the traffic lights changed to green.

The amusing scene unfolded outside Brighton station, where the city council is rebuilding the taxi rank.

Council bods have temporarily moved the rank to the side of the station in Terminus Road, leading to this driver’s confusion.

A bemused spectator said: “I walked past and somehow the man ended up in between the taxis. He thought he was in a traffic jam.

“There are traffic lights just in front of the taxis to the right and so every time the lights went green he would start beeping at them for not moving.

“While I was there the traffic lights went green three times. I could hear his car continue beeping as I made my way down Trafalgar Street to work.”

Taxi drivers said the closure of the rank at the station could be a “blessing in disguise” if the temporary spot proves a success.

The normal rank is scheduled to be closed for 12 days to allow repaving of the taxi approach road. It is set to reopen on Friday.

But council officers said the new spot would cause late-night disturbance for locals and safety risks for passengers.

Saturday’s confused motorist provided light relief compared with an incident in November, when a wheelchair user said he was turned away from five private cabs outside the station.

John Streeter, of Streamline Taxis – not the company involved in the wheelchair incident – said drivers were forced to pick up wheelchair users in Surrey Street because of a piece of problematic kerb outside the Ibis hotel.

The taxi boss told The Argus he would love to have a permanent rank along Terminus Road.

He said: “It’s something that we in the trade have wanted for years, ever since they first announced the gateway project.”