Bride-to-be Laura Somers left the photos of her fiance proposing to her in the back of a cab. 

Here are some of the most unusual things ever left in Brighton and Hove taxis. 

A mannequin 

The Argus:

A taxi driver was tricked out of a fare worth hundreds of pounds by a mannequin.

The driver who worked for CityCabs was hailed for late-night a journey from Brighton station to London.

But he was conned out of the fare when he discovered his apparently sleeping passenger was a dummy.

CityCabs boss Andy Cheesman said: “Three people got into a cab at Brighton station.

“It was late at night and they asked to be taken to London.

“When they got to London the first one got out then asked for his friends to be dropped off at a second address.

“When he got to the second address the guy got out and said ‘my mate’s still asleep, can you take him to his address’.

“When he got there the driver couldn’t wake him up to start with, then he realised it was a mannequin.

“He was expecting the last passenger to pay the fare so he lost the whole lot.”

The fare would have been around £200.


£40,000 in cash

The Argus:

£40,000 A sheikh left £4,000 in cash in rolled up £50 notes in the back of a cab.

The honest driver handed the haul in to police.

CityCabs boss Andy Cheesman said: “The biggest amount ever left in a cab was about £4,000 left on the back seat. It was all rolled up in £50 notes.

It was left by a sheikh.

The driver handed it in to the police.

“But if he had picked up another fare they could have taken it and no one would ever have known”

A skeleton 

The Argus:

 Taxi drivers left a skeleton at the wheel of a cab in 1985 in protest at a lack of business.

Knife and a spanner

The Argus:

A knife and a spanner were found hidden in a taxi after a stabbing in Saltdean.

A 28yearold man was stabbed seven times in the back after travelling in the taxi in June 2009. Two passengers who later took a ride in the same taxi found the weapons hidden behind a seat in the cab and the driver handed them in to police.

Neither weapon was thought to be the implement used in the attack.


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