Kind hearted activists have been cooking up a storm in order to feed the homeless each weekend.

The Love Activists Brighton group has set up a weekly street kitchen to feed and clothe the hungry and homeless.

Last weekend, they were outside the 99p Store in North Street to distribute clothes, coffee and hot food.

Isabel Lincoln, 21, a University of Sussex student and volunteer, said: “We’re simultaneously feeding people, raising awareness and making a political statement.

“There are people I’ve spoken to who like the anonymity that we have, where you come and get some food and there are no ties.”

The group is an offshoot of the original Love Activist group which is based in London.

Their stated aim is to help vulnerable and homeless people through redistributing surplus supplies from neighbourhood businesses.

They do not accept cash donations and rely purely on contributions of food and clothes.

A record is kept to highlight the amount that would otherwise go to waste.

Lionel Power, 44, who has been on and off the streets for nine years, said: “It’s nice. A bit of lovin’ is all we need at the end of the day. One turn of the paycheque is all it takes.”

She added: “You’re only one month away from being here.”

Individuals are not required to sign up to use the kitchen in order to allow anonymity for those who do not want to be visibly homeless.

This also enables those who are in unstable or inappropriate housing situations to take what they need.

Ree, one of the movement’s founding members in Brighton, said: “Just bringing people together like this, breaking these barriers down between the homeless and the general community is a really positive thing.”

Love Activists will be holding a Love Kitchen event every Saturday at the Clock Tower in North Street.

For details and information about how you can get involved visit