A NATIONALIST march planned in Brighton next month has been redirected to Oxford following child sex abuse revelations.

The English Defence League (EDL) announced last month they planned to march through Brighton on Saturday April 18 raising fears of widespread disruption as anti-fascists announced a counter-demonstration.

Today the EDL posted on Facebook that they had changed their plans in response to revelations that up to 370 young girls may have been the victims of sexual exploitation in Oxfordshire over the past 15 years.

Up to 1,200 EDL supporters took part in a march in Rotherham after similar abuse cases were reported in South Yorkshire last September.

The news will come as a relief to city centre businesses and taxpayers that the planned march in Brighton will no longer take place.

A similar March For England event last year saw fights breaking out in the streets, 27 arrests and cost £545,000 to police.

The EDL Facebook message read: “In light of the recent events in Oxford, the English Defence League has made the decision to postpone the planned demonstration in Brighton and announce its intention to demonstrate against the failings of the police and social services in Oxford.

“This is a national problem and needs addressing in every town and city across the nation.

“We will be descending on Oxford on the 4th of April to show our disgust at these failings.

“No surrender.”

Veteran anti-fascism campaigner Tony Greenstein said: “I am very pleased to hear that they have had second thoughts coming to Brighton although we will remain vigilant.

“Given that they would have met with considerable opposition just like March for England did, it’s a wise decision on their part.

“From what I know of Oxford, they won’t get a warm welcome there either.

“The best thing EDL could do would be to disband, their message is not wanted.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “We are not engaged in making any plans to police an EDL event at this time.”