HATEFUL comments about the homeless sparked outrage after they were posted on Facebook.

Morrisons assistant manager Greg Darvill was criticised over the comments saying: “I hate the homeless” on the social media website.

He was sent a request to like the Helping Britain’s Homeless page, but the response sent from his Facebook account said: “Please don’t invite me to help the homeless… I hate the homeless. They make the risk of me being out of a job by thieving rife. Thanks.”

After the comments were criticised more were posted from the account of Mr Darvill, who works at the M-Local store in Queen’s Road, near Brighton station.

It stated: “I don’t represent a company. I work for a company. I’m entitled to my own opinion. Sorry you feel my views are harsh.”

The comments were not associated with Morrisons but they triggered a debate on food waste.

In response to the Facebook post, commenter Rita Goodey said: “Maybe instead of throwing bakery items away, or reducing them to pennies, staff could offer them to the homeless in that area.

“Morrisons don’t need the few pennies. The homeless need feeding.”

Another commenter, Lizzie Best, wrote: “Maybe you should contact Morrisons and see if they fancy making a large donation.”

Mr Darvill’s Facebook account has now been deleted.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “We support a range of charities, including Centrepoint, which undertakes vital work helping those who find themselves homeless.

“The view expressed on social media is certainly not that of Morrisons and we are investigating the matter.”

“We work with Company Shop and FareShare to redistribute food.”

Louise Blampied, of Helping Britain’s Homeless, an awareness group which shared the post, said the post “shocked and appalled” them.

She said: “It is disheartening to know that there are people out there that feel the same way as him.

“However, we have had an incredible response to the Facebook page and it just shows the compassion and love of the majority of the public opposed to one small-minded, ignorant view.”

Brighton and Hove has a major problem with homelessness.