THE “world’s cutest sheep” have arrived in Sussex after an animal lover baa-gged herself a flock.

Six valais blacknose sheep have moved into Middle Farm at Firle, near Lewes.

The breed was dubbed the cutest after pictures went viral when a farmer in Scotland spent £5,000 on CCTV to protect his £55,000 flock.

Middle Farm’s new woolly residents are named Cedric, Petra, Uschi, Minka, Liquorice and Bodmin.

Native to Switzerland, the flock are believed to be the only one of their kind in the South East.

The flock is owned by Vicky Wise, supervisor at Middle Farm, who bought the sheep to use as a breeding flock to help pay her bills for vet school.

The 24-year-old said: “I saw them while browsing the web one day and I just thought they were gorgeous.

“I went to the breeder in Cornwall and she has imported about 150 sheep from Switzerland and I travelled down to Cornwall to get them.

“They are very placid. I have five girls and a boy.

“The boy, Cedric, is absolutely gorgeous. You think rams could be dangerous but he is a complete gentle giant.

“I think they can probably take the title of world’s cutest sheep – but mine are a little rough round the edges as they live outside.”

Miss Wise said she hopes to have a new litter of lambs by the autumn.

Traditionally, the breed is dual-purpose, raised both for meat and wool, but their internet popularity has led to them becoming designer pets.

The public will also be able to visit the new flock throughout the Easter holidays.

Miss Wise, from Willingdon, near Eastbourne, has been “animal mad” since she was tiny and previously worked as a race horse groomer, in kennels, a cattery, and in riding stables.