WHILE last Friday’s eclipse was a rather misty affair, keen astronomers have captured this amazing picture of Jupiter.

Despite being some 400 million miles away, the planet’s Red Spot – a gigantic storm in the atmosphere of Jupiter that is bigger in size than the Earth and is the most powerful storm in the solar system – was clearly visible.

Adur Astronomical Society held a Star Party at Devil’s Dyke at the request of the BBC for its Stargazing programme.

Robin Durant, chairman of the society, said there were seven telescopes being used at the get-together.

He said: “Although the sky was not as clear as we would have hoped, many wondrous sights were viewed, including Jupiter showing its Red Spot.

“We were visited by many members of the public and invited to view though the telescopes. Some returned later to witness Jupiter’s Red Spot, which occurred around 10pm.”