A campaigner has called for Sussex Police to reopen their investigation into the murder of schoolgirl Billie-Jo Jenkins.

Ten years after the death of 13-year-old Billie-Jo, miscarriage of justice campaigner John Bray, speaking at a Press conference at Haywards Heath Town Hall, said the force should use advances in technology to investigate the killing.

The case saw 49-year-old Sion Jenkins - Billie-Jo's stepfather - tried three times before being cleared of murder.

Mr Bray said Sussex Police should use new DNA techniques to look into what he described as "oversights" during Mr Jenkins' trial.

Mr Bray said he believed there was DNA evidence on the weapon allegedly used to kill Billie-Jo and said the police should look further into allegations another suspect - dubbed "Mr B" - may have killed her.

Mr Jenkins, a father of four, was accused of battering Billie-Jo with an 18in metal tent spike at the family home in Lower Park Road, Hastings, on February 15, 1997.

He was convicted of the killing and jailed for life before appealing and facing a retrial in 2004, in which the jury failed to reach a verdict. A second retrial finished the same way.

The prosecution alleged Mr Jenkins must have been the killer because he had Billie-Jo's blood on his clothing.

Defence lawyers argued that was caused by moisture carried in air from her breath as she lay dying.

Mr Bray said: "This has been a miscarriage of justice because the person who killed poor Billie-Jo has not been caught."

Sussex Police said it regularly reviewed the case.

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