Residents have reported two separate sightings UFOs hovering over Sussex.

One family even believe they captured a bizarre close encounter with a flickering, silver craft on film, as it sailed over Hove Park.

The night before four orange orbs were reported floating across Shoreham.

The Argus was flooded with calls in November after strange orange lights were seen hovering over the Sussex coast.

Spotters thought they could have been watching beings from outer-space.

They were later disappointed to hear they had probably been duped by a hoax, with Chinese lanterns, bought on the Internet, suspected to have been released by children.

However, Stewart Hall, of Holmes Avenue, Hove, said his close encounter on Sunday afternoon looked nothing like a candle in a plastic bag.

The 44-year-old artist said he had been called out to his garden when his seven-year-old son Raphael was playing on a trampoline and saw what looked like a "flying stick".

He said: "Eventually I looked and to my amazement I saw a UFO. It had no wings and appeared to be a tubular shape. I rushed inside to get a camera."

But Mr Hall said the craft was far bigger than how it appears on screen.

He added: "My video camera has a three-times zoom so the footage is not conclusive but experts could probably make something of it.

"I did get a clear view of the craft though, through high quality binoculars, and can assure you it had no wings or windows and appeared to be a flying metal pole.

"I realised then there was no way it should be flying. It was really, really unusual. As it turned you could tell it had a silver body as the sun caught it.

"I'm sure hundreds of people must have seen it because it looked like it was headed towards the always busy Hove Park."

The "visitation" at 1.30pm on Sunday followed the sighting of strange, glowing orbs nearby on Saturday night.

Ian Thornton, of Second Avenue, Hove, said: "At about 11.30pm a friend and I noticed what seemed to be orange UFOs coming in from the south west over Shoreham.

"They were all travelling at the same altitude - lower than the usual aircraft - all moving at the same speed, and roughly on the same line and direction.

"We saw four of these orange UFOs. There might have been more."

Similar lights, spotted by dozens of people across Sussex on Saturday, November 18, at first baffled police and air-traffic controllers.

They were later discounted by experts, describing them as Chinese lanterns - small candles attached to plastic bags by drinking straws able to drift thousands of feet.

Sussex Police said they had received no reports of UFOs over the weekend.

A spokeswoman said: "We did have reports of children lighting fireworks in Kingston Lane, Southwick, at about 11.50pm on Saturday and 1.15pm on Sunday afternoon so they could be related.

"But there's nothing else that even comes close."

To see a video of the UFO, click here.

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