May I say that Adam Trimingham's article regarding the lack of amenities in Hove coincides with many people's views.

Having lived here all my life I can see how the general area from the West Pier to the King Alfred site has been allowed to fall into disrepair.

It seems to me, on walking along the seafront from Brighton, that there has been a gradual decline in Hove since we have become a city.

As we all pay a great deal in council tax surely we are entitled to some of the benefits.

Therefore, I welcome the idea of the new Frank Gehry site.

The most important thing is the wonderful leisure centre which will be provided without cost to the general public.

I am quite sure that it will be an improvement to quite an ugly and down-at-heel area, and will certainly be a great asset to the city.

As we rely on tourism so much here, this seems an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss.

We are a young and expanding city and our children and grandchildren deserve the best.

  • Mrs P James, Links Road, Portslade