A group has been started to save trees in city streets.

Brighton and Hove City Council has set-up a scrutiny panel to protect the future of trees planted by roadsides.

The panel will look at whether trees are causing an obstruction to pedestrians, whether they need replacing and how they can be maintained.

It will also consider an adoption scheme where members of the public commit to looking after a tree.

Jan Young, the panel's chairwoman, said: "There isn't a strategy for dealing with street trees in Brighton and Hove, so the panel has been set-up to look after them.

"Some of the trees are quite dangerous because of the way they have been Tarmacked right up to their trunks and the roots start to break through.

"We will be making site visits to look at trees like this a see what can be done about them.

"For example, Wilbury Road in my Central Hove constituency will be one we look at.

"There are flats there with quite a few old ladies, who sometimes have buggies, and there isn't enough room for them to drive their buggy along there."

Coun Young said with climate change issues and water shortages, the council might start an adoption scheme where people are encouraged to look after a designated tree and water it with their washing up water.

She added: "Trees are important and their future needs to be looked after."

The panel also includes councillors Paul Elgood, Jack Hazelgrove and Sue Paskins.

People who would like to give a view on street trees can contact the panel and send written submissions.

Members of the public can take part in meetings on March 21 and March 27, both at 5pm at Hove Town Hall.