I have watched the campaigning against the new school admission proposals with increasing amazement.

There is nothing more unedifying than the middle classes on a moral crusade in their own self-interest.

Now Lisa Williams (The Argus, March 12), who describes herself as a children's services worker, has the cheek to appear in the paper saying her son may be damaged by the event. What breathtaking hypocrisy.

What service is she doing her own children, let alone anyone else's, with this sort of behaviour?

Schools4Communities, led by Westdene parents, is hugely hypocriticial.

Westdene's local school is Patcham. If Lisa Williams takes her son to Patcham's open evening next autumn she will discover a thriving and improving school, right on her doorstep. A school for a whole community - not just the middle classes.

What are Westdene parents so afraid of?

  • E Walcott Bather, Buckingham Place, Brighton