A cat has been rescued after being found trapped under concrete steps at a school.

The feline was found under the steps at the Tanbridge House School in Horsham on Sunday night and the RSPCA was called and the West Sussex Fire and Rescue came out to help.

RSPCA animal collection officer Steve Wickham tried to get hold of the black and white female cat called Princess by leaning through the gap but eventually a firefighter managed to climb through and get the cat.

The tired and hungry cat was taken to a vet where she was treated for hunger and dehydration.

The vet had details of Princess' owner who had registered her as being missing two weeks before, so the next morning Princess was reunited with her owner.

Mr Wickham said: "This poor little cat must have been very hungry being stuck under the steps. We are glad the fire brigade were able to help us and we got the cat out."