Despite the ever-present sound of the air-raid siren, an all-woman dance band in wartime Britain determine to give the show of their lives, albeit with gasmasks slung nonchalantly over their shoulders.

Alan Plater's tight, wellrounded script gives the performers the perfect stage for their considerable talents with witty lines and wonderful, defined character parts.

Notable are Allison Harding as the gruff and committed bandleader Betty, Georgina Field as singing nun Lily, a mixture of sassiness and innocence, and Rosie Jenkins as exquisitely plummy posh totty Miranda.

It is not a one-dimensional piece; we get a glimpse of the real women behind the wisecracking, discovering through subtle pathos how war affects their lives.

Ultimately, however, it is a laugh-out-loud, feelgood show, and a joy to watch.