A mobile phone mast would be disguised as a telegraph pole to stop it spoiling a beauty spot.

Adur District Council is being asked by T-Mobile to approve the mast.

It would be sited in a field close to the A27 near the Mill Hill nature reserve north of Shoreham.

Planning permission is needed for the ten metre high mast because it is in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

A similar mast owned by Hutchison 3G was allowed just 25 metres away two years ago.

T-Mobile says it has looked at alternative sites in the area and considered sharing with other mobile phone firms but none are suitable.

It has told the council the mast is needed to help improve coverage and the site chosen will have the least visual impact on the area.

The council has received six letters objecting to the mast from nearby residents.

They fear it will be an "ugly intrusion" on the AONB, will degrade surrounding downland and could be a health hazard to children living in the area.

The local branch of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England said it does not approve of masts in rural areas but would not object in this particular case.

The council's planning committee is being recommended to approve the mast when it meets on April 2.

Councillors will be told it will help improve coverage and the chosen site is the least environmentally harmful option.