A CONTROVERSIAL ‘healer’ who claims to able to able to cure Ebola, malaria, AIDs and autism with a bleach-like chemical is due to appear at a conference in Seaford.

Campaigners say Jim Humble’s products are dangerous rather than curative and have called for him to be axed from the Spirit of Health 2015 conference in May.

Describing himself as of an archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, he is due to appear at Seaford Head School.

Former scientologist Mr Humble sells Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), a chlorine dioxide mix with the same ingredients as industrial bleach, which he says have saved thousands of lives.

But health authorities warn it “may pose serious health risks,” including kidney failure and poisoning.

In 2012 the UK Food Standards Agency likened it to “industrial-strength bleach” and warned “when taken as directed it could cause severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.”

It reminded local authorities “these products should not be on sale”.

Jennifer Byrne, from Newhaven, said the claimed cure for autism was “taking advantage of desperate families and care givers”. Fiona O’Leary, a mother of two autistic children, added: “Autism is a neuro-developmental condition and not a disease, so even the word ‘cure’ is highly insulting to autistic people.”

On the Spirit of Health conference’s website, Mr Humble describes MMS as a “simple health formula that cured malaria”.

Mr Humble claims it kills microorganisms that cause disease and said its concentration was so low it could not be compared to bleach and it was “not dangerous if used correctly”. Seaford Head school which hires out its facilities publically, could not be reached for comment on Sunday.


Update 13/04/15: On Monday, April 13, the managment committee of the Old Chapel Centre, in Alfriston, where part of the conference was due to take place, said it had told the conference organisers it could not take place. 

In a statement, the committee added: 

"The committee consists of open minded individuals representative of the wider community who feel that everyone has the right to be treated with truth compassion and tolerance and this is key to the way day to day activities are conducted.   

"The United Reformed Church is the legal owner of the building and the lettings policy managed by the committee is designed to ensure that the events taking place are in keeping with the ethos of the United Reformed Church, whilst maintaining the building and welcoming all within the community.  Spiritual retreats and well being events are encouraged.

"Taking this into consideration the committee are duty bound to avoid anything which is clearly upsetting to a large proportion of the community irrespective of whether those ideas and treatments may benefit society and it is with this in mind that we have taken the decision to notify the organisers of our decision to cancel their booking."