QUEEN rocker Brian May paid a visit to the city yesterday to support Caroline Lucas in her quest for re-election.

He turned heads as he arrived in a sleek-looking Mercedes Benz on Hove seafront. But the environmentally-conscious star was not in a gas guzzler but instead an environmentally friendly hybrid car.

May spoke of his Common Decency campaign and backed Caroline Lucas who he hailed a “hero”.

He said: “More than half of MPs in the House are too much influenced by their career, too much influenced by business interests, too much influenced by the whip who’ll make them vote according to the party line.”

The Common Decency campaign was launched last month in a bid to elect politicians who May said would “act decently, transparently and accountably” once in Parliament.

He singled out Ms Lucas as someone who has “the courage of their convictions”.

On his campaign, May said: “It’s politics without colour. What we are saying is do not assume that your vote will be wasted, get up off your ass and vote.

“Secondly, don’t vote for a party, vote for someone you believe in, someone who will have a decent conscience and will represent your views in Parliament.

“Number three – tell everyone else to vote because it’s so important.”