A holistic health coach needs some help of her own – to win the chance of pitching her online women’s therapy centre to businessman Richard Branson.

Rachel Collins, from Portslade, is building Discover Wellbeing – an online well-being centre where women can access a range of coaching and therapy to support their emotional and physical health.

The mother of two is competing in the Pitch to Rich competition to win a significant start-up investment from the Virgin boss.

Getting shortlisted is all down to a public vote – and she is calling for help.

She said: “After the birth of my first baby, I struggled with frustrations around body image, self esteem and health.

“Medically speaking, I was ‘fine’ and this was ‘normal’. Through health coaching, I learnt to upgrade my wellbeing and I want to teach others to do the same.”

To help Rachel, vote for her at virginmediabusiness.co.uk/pitch-to-rich/start-up/discover-wellbeing

Rachel's business plan: "We are in the age of personal development. People no longer feel ashamed walking through the ‘self-help’ section of a book shop. Every one is ready to work to become the best version of themselves. But we have two problems. 

1. Most people do not have the money to pay for the 1-1 support that they need, or they don't value themselves enough to spend big money on self-care. Women are especially bad for this.

2. There are a lot of fantastic therapists and coaches out there who want to help people so much that they give away their services for free, their businesses fail and the world loses another heart-centred business person who wants to make your life better. Discover Wellbeing delivers coaching and therapy through group programmes and digital products at a price point for everyone. DW also provides a platform for amazing therapists and coaches to produce & market their products and create the business they deserve.