Are you a closet lefty or a secret right-winger, without even knowing it?

As the election race heats up, an innovative website is asking people to compare policies on a range of issues they care about - such as health, education and immigration - but without knowing which party they belong to.

Non-for-profit Vote for Policies encourages voters to pay close attention to the policies of each party in the run up to the General Election - and it has some surprise findings in Sussex constituencies.

So far the most popular issues in Brighton Pavilion are health and the NHS, with, as of April 22, 34% of 2,857 people agreeing with Labour policies.

In Brighton Kemptown, the Liberal Democrats lead on education and democracy but come third on the economy. UKIP's stance on foreign policy and defence would come last and Labour would lead on welfare.

More than 4,000 surveys have been completed online by voters in the Brighton area. In Brighton Pavilion, the Green Party is leading with 32% of the vote, with Labour a close second at 30%. UKIP have 8% of the vote, behind the Liberal Democrats who have 22%.

In Brighton Pavilion, Labour lead with 28.8% of the vote with the Greens in second at 26.9% and the Liberal Democrats on 21.5%. UKIP and the Torys flounder last with less than 12.4% each.

Voice for Policies founder Matt Chocqueel-Mangan said more than 500,000 people have taken the survey since February.

He added: “The reaction can be interesting. Sometimes people will vote for policies they agree with and then find out they're from say UKIP or the Greens, and find out they're closet right or left wingers.

“Really the site is about connecting party policies with our individual views. Our goal is to allow everyone to make an informed choice about who to vote for - and not just voting for one party because of tradition or for tactical reasons. There's no agenda, it's not politically motivated - it simply allows people to see which parties are representing their views.”

Overall results for England put Labour in the lead with 28.3%, followed by the Green Party on 21%. The Liberal Democrats come a close third with 20.8% and UKIP is fourth with 15.4%. The Conservatives are last with 14.5%.

The interactive, mobile- friendly website has received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust and more than 900 people on fundraising site Crowdfunder. It also includes policies from Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parties.

Mr Chocqueel-Mangan said: “We have to know what the policies are on offer. When that happens, people are more engaged. More than 25% of people who used the site say they are more likely to vote since doing the survey.

“If people know what the parties are offering then they're more informed about how to vote.”

See which policies earn your vote at