The country's only Green MP has not only retained her seat but also increased her majority.

The Green's Caroline Lucas retained her Brighton Pavilion seat winning with 22,871 votes and defeating a challenge from Labour's Purna Sen who clocked in with 14,904.

Ms Lucas massively increased her majority after acheiving just 16,238 votes during the General Election in 2010 when she made history to become the nation's first ever Green MP.

The third place candidate was the Conservative Party's Clarence Mitchell who won 12,448 votes while UKIP came in fourth with Nigel Carter winning 2724 votes.

UKIP surged past the Liberal Democrats who, as they have done nationwide, took a battering in the Pavilion poll.

Bernadette Millam represented the LibDems in 2010 and managed to win 7159 votes but this year's candidate Chris Bowers won only 1525.

Ms Lucas remains the country's only Green MP so far despite predictions of a nationwide "Green Surge" which also so party leader Natalie Bennett fail to win her seat.

It is unclear how indicative Ms Lucas's victory is for the Brighton and Hove City Council election results which will be announced tomorrow and covered live by The Argus. 

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