A pioneering audio tech company acclaimed by the producers of the Rolling Stones and Muse has unveiled the “best headphones you will ever hear”.

Lancing manufacturer Flare Audio says it has come with genuine breakthrough in sound technology.

Flare’s systems have attracted ecstatic endorsements from a host of industry figures including producers and engineers for the Rolling Stones, Kate Bush and Duran Duran.

Chief executive Davies Roberts said: “After lots of research we realised the invention of speakers was essentially flawed. It puts sound into a box, which adds its own distortion, and this is what we’ve been hearing over all these years.”

The earphones promise a pure, distortion-free, pressure-balanced sound with no ear fatigue.

Flare claims it eliminates distortion by changing the way the sound is delivered and giving studio quality sound.

It is poised to receive the highest ever review on industry magazine Hifi Pig and has beaten £3,000 headphone in a blind sound test.

Davies added: “We want to change the way the world hears music. This is genuine breakthrough and will be the best earphones you will ever hear.

“Music is an art form but it’s not fair that musicians have to put up with the addition of distortion in their art.”

It has now launched a crowdfunding campaign with audiophiles able to get hold of their groundbreaking earphones at half the RRP.

The Kickstarter will raise awareness of the new technology ahead of its general release to the public.

Flare has previously installed audio systems in the Olympic Studios in London, The Leadmill in Sheffield and the Main Hall at the Brighton Centre.

Rolling Stones and INXS producer Chris Kimsey said the sound was “quite simply staggering big sound in an unbelievably small earphone.”

Jimmy Page recently introduced the 40th anniversary playback of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti on the Olympic Studios Flare system, telling audience members this would be the best they or he had ever heard the album sound.

The headphones retail at £400 but can be bought for £200 through the Kickstarter campaign.

See www.kickstarter.com or flareaudio.com

Quote: Jarvis Cocker - Pulp

“R2s are a revelation, truly wonderful. They transport you back to the recording. R2s are the purest and most honest listening experience, they are simply divine. Pure excellence in listening pleasure.”