THE performers behind an award-winning Fringe show are recreating a bit of the silver screen.

The Australian cast of Point And Shoot, which scooped an Argus Angel last week, have set themselves the challenge of recreating 30 classic movie scenes during their stay in Brighton.

Their results are being posted on their website as they take in the city by the sea and now the group is asking for requests from the public.

Their musical show, where four performers rotate through more than 50 characters and 16 instruments, blends film sequences through a series of increasingly ridiculous plot twists.

Out and about in Brighton, the ensemble has already captured the scene from Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio accompanies Kate Winslet at the bow of the famous ship in the 1997 film and also recreated a scene from Star Wars, where Mark Hamill plays Luke Skywalker.

They took to the Palace Pier and found a spot in Kensington Street to portray their lightsabre-wielding scene.

Tyler Jacob Jones of Point And Shoot said: “We started the project as both a way to commemorate our time in Brighton and to publicise our show, which is a musical satire of all things Hollywood.”

One of the performers and co-writers of Point And Shoot, Mr Jones is the man in the Titanic picture and also in the uncanny recreation of the James Bond intro theme at the Doughnut sculpture on the seafront.

The 27-year-old added: “So far we have been having a great time in Brighton. Everybody has been incredibly friendly and welcoming, from the team who have helped us get the show onstage to the people who have so far come to see it and responded with such enthusiastic praise.

“Having come all the way from Australia specifically for this Fringe festival, we are determined to experience all Brighton has to offer while we are here.”

The other members of the crew are Erin Hutchinson, the woman in the Titanic picture, Tamara Woolrych, who recreates the shower scene in Psycho, and Robert Woods, the composer of Point And Shoot.

For more on the photo series, and to read a blog about their adventures, visit l The show is back The Warren (Main House), St Peter’s Church North, York Place, Brighton, from tonight until Saturday at 8pm, with a last performance on May 31 at 4pm. Tickets are £12/£10.50