A EUROVISION superfan is celebrating this year’s contest with some new knitted creations of former host Terry Wogan and the current presenter Graham Norton.

Nina Dodd, better known as the Duke of Woolington, has knitted pictures of the two stars for a video she has filmed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Ms Dodd, from Brighton, has watched the competition all her life and has always been a keen knitter.

The student support officer at the University of Sussex also has a full Eurovision dress featuring all the flags of the countries taking part.

She said: “I just love it. It is ridiculous nonsense with the glitz and glamour – everything you would want in an evening.

“I have held eight Eurovision parties and everyone just joins in with all the boos and the cheers – it is just a great party.”

The 48-year-old has produced the video with Abba’s 1974 competition winner Waterloo as the soundtrack as she also wanted to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

She added: “I always do something knitted for Eurovision and with me being the Duke of Woolington and it being the two anniversaries I had to do something a bit special.”

The video was animated by Nathaniel Statton and more of his work can be seen at www.nathanielstatton.co.uk.

The Eurovision fan tipped Belgium as one to watch in the contest this year – but conceded Sweden are still the favourite.

She bemoaned the fact too many countries are trying to copy last year’s winning ballad from Austria by drag act Conchita Wurst.

She said: “I think the UK’s a strong card this year as our entry is very different, dancey and colourful – sadly with all the political voting I doubt we will win.

“Do not tell Terry, but I prefer Graham as the host.”

Ms Dodd has a website and Facebook page under the name the Duke of Woolington and posts examples of her exotic woolly creations.

She has previously knitted people’s faces and also produced a jumper replica of the patterns on the seats on Brighton and Hove’s buses – saying she will do “any mad idea” that comes to her.

She said: “I have been knitting all my life, after a while I got a bit bored of knitting jumpers To view the music video in full go to The Argus website.


Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest the most times with seven victories – the UK has won five times.

Finland has finished last more than any other country – holding the dubious honour on eight occasions.

The UK has come in second a staggering 15 times – but has not done so since 1998.

In 1969, the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands tied and were all declared equal winners.

Celine Dion started her career with a Eurovision win in 1988.

NINA Dodd’s top five Eurovision hits:

5. “L’Amour Est Bleu” by Vicky Leandros 1967, France – This is a properly classy song, and one I have often found myself singing when peeling the potatoes

4. “Makin Your Mind Up” by Bucks Fizz 1981, UK – The tune is catchy to start with and then the skirts are whipped away. You’ve got to love it

3. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” by Lordi 2006, Finland – How these monster rockers won with this one sums up the craziness of Eurovision for me

2. “Pump Pump” by Fredi and Friends 1976, Finland – It has sadly not received the recognition it deserves, but if you’ve never seen this one, it is the best, cheesiest Euro-nonsense you will ever experience. Honestly. Check it out on YouTube, you will thank me.

1. “Waterloo” by Abba 1974 Sweden – The most well known Eurovision tune of them all, rises above the rest plus it won in our very own lovely Brighton.