SO Kenny Lloyd admits he spent months camped at Balcombe in the Summer of 2013 at the anti-fracking camp set up alongside the B2036 outside the Cuadrilla oil exploration site (Letters, May 21).

Why I ask? In May 2013 Cuadrilla told Balcombe Parish Council and all residents by letter that the company would not be hydraulically fracturing at this site.

This seems to be missed by the ‘rent a mob’ who descended on our lovely village to block the road and stop hardworking people getting to work.

He says California has had a drought for a year! Watching TV reports it does not stop the homeowners of California keeping their lawns lush green.

Nothing is said about this by the anti-fracking brigade.

The Protest Camp wish list outside the Cuadrilla site in Balcombe requested a gas water urn. Hypocrites.

Malc Thomason
Oldlands Ave, Balcombe