Strange lights were seen flying high above the coast during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Lawyer Stefan Simanowitz, 38, was cycling along the Brighton and Hove seafront with flatmate Paul Storey when the pair spotted two lights in the sky between the Palace Pier and the West Pier at 12.45am.

Mr Simanowitz, of Victoria Cottages, Hove, said: "First there were two and then they disappeared. Then we saw another one arc out along exactly the same trajectory and then that was followed by another.

"In total there were six of them all following the same path. They were maybe a couple of hundred metres out to sea. Each one appeared for about three minutes."

He added the lights were not bright white but resembled the colour of a flame and that he could offer no real explanation for them.

In November last year The Argus reported how hundreds of people reported seeing similar lights in the sky along the seafront.

After baffling the police and air traffic controllers at Shoreham Airport it was revealed the lights were in fact flying Chinese lanterns tethered together with string making them move in parallel formation.

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