A DAD used his daily rail commute in which to write his debut book.

Will Mabbitt had always wanted to write a children’s book, but never had the time.

But the 37-year-old’s debut is set to be released today after he wrote it while stuck on the train during his daily commute between Lewes and London.

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones, The Voyage of the Feroshus Maggot, will be released on June 4 by international publisher Penguin.

Speaking to The Argus ahead of the release, he said he wrote the story so he could read it to his daughter, who has now read the book herself.

Mr Mabbitt said: “I write on my laptop, when I get a seat on the train, and usually only if there is no one sitting next to me because I get a little embarrassed.

“The best time for writing is in the 10 minutes when the train stops outside London Bridge Station, that was my best area I think.”

He has now finished the second book of the series and is currently working on a third along with a picture book and what Mr Mabbitt calls a “secret project”.

The Voyage of the Feroshus Maggot will be published in ten languages, including German.

Mr Mabbitt said: “The fact that it’s being translated is really exciting, but you do loose a bit of control, like with the illustrations for the book.

"But Ross Collins is so good and has drawn the pictures better than I ever could have imagined.

"In the German version, they had to change Mabel’s name because it was difficult to pronounce, and changed some of the other names as well.

“They are almost as good as mine, it’s just such a wonderful language for pirates.”

The story follows Mabel Jones, a young girl who gets taken away onto a pirate ship by Idryss Ebeneezer Split.

Daughter Izzy, age seven, said: “I really liked it because she’s really adventurous and she meets loads of pirates and it’s really fun to read with mummy.”