These animal activists disgust me, hiding behind their anonymity on social media.

I would like to see you say it to the face of a mother and father who had just lost their child to cardiac failure.

I don’t follow dog or horse racing, but I bet (no pun intended) you don’t do this for every race that happens, day in, day out.

I also haven’t read any reports of complaining, other than for a dog having a stunt double in Britain’s Got (no) Talent.

Now a dog walking a tightrope seems far more dangerous to me than running round a track.

My children have had treatment in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, so I know what a wonderful job they do, so to deprive them of lifesaving equipment is disgraceful.

If you want to pick on someone, don’t pick on a helpless child, pick on me. I can take it.

Nick Hassell
Tisbury Road, Hove