I am writing in defence of retaining the Hunting Act that resulted from an 80-year campaign to bring about a ban on blood sports.

There is a serious threat that the Act will be repealed. David Cameron has promised to hold a free vote for MPs to repeal the Hunting Act. He recently voiced his opinion by claiming that the legislation has done nothing for animal welfare.

The truth is that over 400 convictions have been meted out so far, making it the most successful piece of wild animal welfare legislation. Repeal would be a giant step backwards for animal welfare and would pose a serious threat to British wildlife.

Can you imagine foxes and hares once again being ripped to pieces and deer chased until they collapse from exhaustion? All in the name of sport and entertainment for some bloodthirsty individuals.

Our civilised society should not even be questioning a return to this senseless cruelty. Over 80% of the British public remain firmly against hunting. If you are in that majority ensure your MP knows your view by lobbing for their vote to retain the Act.

David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks