SHORTLY before the naked bike ride I had been reading in my national daily paper about the Naked Rambler, an ex soldier who had ASBOs and prison sentences for wandering around the countryside naked.

Presumably his offences were indecent exposure and public nudity.

He has since spent a large part of his life in prison for re-offending.

How come then (since 2007) the naked bike riders seem to be exempt?

Is it that a crime committed by lots of people at the same time is too difficult for the police to deal with?

Or is it that one’s presence on a bike now makes one immune to laws, like failing to stop at a red light, cycling on a pavement, failing to use lights at night, and forgetting to put your drawers on?

What would be the police attitude if the cyclists parked their bikes against a wall and spent half and hour or so wandering down Western Road on foot?

And what would be their attitude if a similar number of non cyclists decided, for whatever reason, to do the same?

The demo is supposed to emphasise the dangers of cycling (oh, really?) especially the dangers posed by those awful people who (sharp intake of breath) drive cars.

I would respectfully suggest that the biggest danger to many cyclists lives inside their heads.

M Boyask, New Church Road, Hove