A "happy go lucky" teenager has been removed from his family, imprisoned and faces deportation.

Eighteen year old Bangladeshi refugee Bok Rahman is being detained at an immigration removal centre and told he will sent to a country where he has no friends of family tomorrow.

The Portslade Aldridge Community Academy pupil has been with foster parents Malcolm and Nicola Park since he arrived in the UK six years ago aged 13.

They see him as their son and said their whole family was devastated that he had been taken away from them.

Mr Park said: "I always think 18 is far too young to go out in the world by yourself, nevermind to being in a detention centre.

"He is the youngest in there by several years. He is in an adult prison. There is no nice way of putting it.

"He shouldn't really be there.

"Bok is taking everything in his stride, but it is very upsetting for him and all of our family.

"We see him as our son. We are his mother and father and our other children see him as their brother we are all devastated.

"It is very hard to explain to our children and grandchildren who see him as their family what has happened."

Since his 18th birthday Bok has had to visit the Home Office to notify the authorities of his whereabouts every month.

But three weeks ago after a meeting in Folkstone he was detained and taken to the Immigration Removal Centre in Dover.

He phoned his dad from the detention centre.

"I thought he a was joking," said Mr Park.

"Then he said 'I'm not having a laugh, it's serious.'

"It was awful."

Thanks to a campaign by Hailsham Cricket Club which Bok plays for and generous support from his school friends and teachers more £5,000 has been raised to hire a lawyer to try to find legal grounds to seek a reprieve from the Home Office.

Rob Wilkinson of Hailsham Cricket Club, who organised the fundraising appeal to pay for a solicitor said: "Bok plays for the first Sunday teams and coaches our juniors, many of which are very upset by what is happening to him.

"His case has now become very urgent as he is due to be deported to Bangladesh on Thursday.

"Literally tomorrow may be too late."

"It is now our last chance to save him," Mr Park added.

A spokeswoman for PACA described Bok as "hardworking" and an "examplary student".

To sign a petition calling for the Home Office to allow Bok to stay in Britain visit www.change.org/p/uk-immigration-service-allow-bokthiar-rahman-to-stay-in-the-uk.