A new series of Don’t Tell The Bride has hit our screens and is now on BBC One after eight years – and series – on BBC Three.

The wedding programme’s move from the soon-to-close digital channel to BBC’s prime one came with a slightly different format, most noticeably a new narrator – Zoe Ball instead of actress Rebekah Staton.

Before we go through the 10 things we learnt in episode one of the new series, here’s a very quick guide in case you’ve never seen it. If you haven’t, where on earth have you been?

What’s the premise of the Don’t Tell The Bride TV show?

Don't Tell the Bride 2015 - ep 1 - Jenni and Andrew, No. 1(BBC/Renegade Pictures)

Don’t Tell The Bride centres around an engaged couple who sign a contract to have no contact for three weeks – while the groom plans the whole wedding, with absolutely no input from the bride.

That’s right, everything from the venue to the all-important dress. It’s a recipe for disaster. But hell, what good reality show isn’t?

The groom gets £14,000 to spend on the big day, which has gone up this series from the £12,000 they were allowed on BBC Three. Oh and as well as following him as he plans it, the bride goes round and shows us what she would have picked, which is never the same as what she’s actually going to get.

As you can probably guess, each episode usually contains tears and tantrums but – SPOILER ALERT – there’s nearly always a happy ending. It’s meant to be the happiest day of your life after all.

What did we learn in episode one of series nine of Don’t Tell The Bride?

1. Never, ever, let a man plan your wedding

Don't Tell the Bride 2015 - ep 1 - Jenni and Andrew, No. 1(BBC/Renegade Pictures)

Well obvs, that’s the premise of the show. Episode One centred on Jenni and Andrew and viewers were screaming at their screens as the groom seemed to make one mistake after another, from buying tacky bridesmaid dresses from a sale rack to not footing the bill at the hen do meal. Awks.

2. Never, ever, buy bridesmaid dresses from a half-price sale rack

They will not be happy, even if you peel off the £20 sale stickers to show the £40 original price.

3. A lot of people hated the new format

And we mean HATED.

4. People prefer the old narrator Rebekah to newbie Zoe

Sorry Zoe, we still love you…

5. Ibiza is not a good theme for a wedding

Listen to us Andrew, LISTEN!

6. The best man Paul really REALLY saved the day

He stopped Andrew from buying the wedding dress in a high street shop and diverted him to a bridal boutique. PHEW.

7. They may have wanted to marry Paul but no one wanted to marry Andrew

Well, he’s taken now anway…

8. Never, ever, forget to book a photographer

Especially when you chose the register office to get married in and your bride is already fuming.

9. But it always turns out well in the end

He pulled it off, the dress was great, he wrote his own vows…

10. Because all you need is love

All together now: AWWWW. We mean AWWWWL you need is love. (That’s drunk wedding singing by the way)