Model Katie Price has been given three points on her driving licence and ordered to pay £1,220 after she pleaded guilty to jumping a red light near her home.

The 37-year-old's Bentley was flashed by a speed camera doing 44mph on the A24 at Buck Barn just after 5pm on August 20 last year.

Ex-Celebrity Big Brother contestant Price pleaded not guilty in April to driving through a red light and failing to give information to the police.

Before a trial at Horsham Magistrates' Court, she changed her plea to guilty to the traffic light charge, while prosecutors offered no evidence to failing to provide information.

Price, dressed in colourful patterned trousers and a white jacket, turned up at court with her husband Kieran Hayler who sat at the back of the courtroom.

Julian Dale, defending, said the offence took place not long after she had given birth by emergency Caesarean section to her fifth child, Bunny, adding: "There was a lot on her plate."

He said her daughter was still in hospital in Chichester, that she and her husband were making frequent visits there, and she had "no recollection" of the offence.

Mr Dale went on: "It looks like she has decided to keep going as the lights have turned red. As I say, there was a lot on her plate, added to which she was in the process of moving."

He said there were "two incredibly stressful things" going on in her life at the time, and that it was a "momentary error".

Mr Dale went on: "She apologises for the fact of the late guilty plea but it is a guilty plea. She will find this momentary error plastered across newspapers and magazines. I would ask for just the three points on her licence."

When asked by magistrate Paul Dalby if she had filled out a "means form" detailing her income, Mr Dale said "her earnings are very variable".

He added: "It's not really possible to say what she earns."

After asking Price to stand, Mr Dalby said: "You have pleaded guilty to the offence of failing to comply with a red light and we are going to deal with this by means of a fine, taking into account everything we have heard."

Price was fined £700, told to pay costs of £450 and a victim surcharge of £70.

Asked if she could pay today, she replied: "I can pay it today but I will have to go home to get my credit card."

After being told she had 14 days to settle the fines and costs, Price said: "I'll do it when I get home."

She told magistrates: "Thanks a lot, bye" before she walked out of court along with Mr Hayler and Mr Dale, and drove off in front of a bank of photographers.

Mr Dale said Price had three points on her licence at the time of the offence, which had since expired.