BUS passengers with electronic smart tickets can now use them on more than one bus company.

Passengers in Brighton and Hove have, until now, only been able to use smartcard tickets, known as The Key, on Brighton & Hove Bus Company services.

But now The Key can also be used on vehicles run by The Big Lemon and on all Compass Buses operating on the Brighton and Hove network.

They can be bought online at www.smartbuses.co.uk/smart-card or at Brighton & Hove Buses’ North Street shop.

M-Tickets bought and displayed on mobile phones via an app will also be accepted across the three companies.

Transport bosses say it will make cross-city bus travel easier and cheaper.

Brighton and Hove councillor Gill Mitchell said: “This makes cross-city bus travel much more practical."

The move has been made partly possible through a grant won by the council.