AS A television show chronicling the romantic and artistic escapades of the Bloomsbury Set comes to an end – its Sussex location is reaping the rewards.

Charleston Farmhouse near Lewes has seen a "big boost" after appearing in the BBC drama Life in Squares, which followed the lives of the house’s former owners Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant as well as their regular guests Virginia Woolf, Maynard Keynes and Clive Bell in the early 1900s.

Focusing on their convention defying lifestyles and their complicated love lives, the three part mini-series was a hit with viewers and the effects of the shows popularity are being felt here in Sussex.

The now-owners of the historic house predicted a boom from the show and they are now feeling the benefits.

Carolyn Chinn, head of public programmes and learning at Charleston House, said they have seen a “big boost” in their figures and visitors have been packing the property to capacity at times since the show began airing on BBC Two.

Ms Chinn said: “The house is all on open display so you feel the characters are going to walk in the door.

“I do think it was really beautifully filmed, obviously it was a fictionalised version of the characters but we have had lots of people buying books in our shop to learn more about the stories behind them.

“It looked beautiful and it is really great we are able to open up to film crews on occasion as this is the only living example of a Bloomsbury interior.

“What really came across was the rustic nature of our setting and that is something we really try to protect.

“Sussex looked terrific in it as well with shots of the South Downs – everyone wants to come here now.”

The financial rewards are also being felt for an Artfund campaign which is aiming to raise £25,000 to repair damaged plaster and crumbling paint work in the property’s spare room.

Since the start of the show the funding campaign is now close to its target with more than £21,000 donated by a total of 183 people with 22 days to go.

The last episode of Life in Squares was shown on Monday evening.

For more information about visiting the farmhouse visit or call 01323 811626.