ENERGETIC players are wanted to attempt to beat the 105-hour record for the longest game of football.

Two teams of 11 players with seven rolling substitutes will play night and day on a full-sized pitch in memory of Worthing football fan Matt Chaplain.

The 38-year-old died of a cardiac arrest in April 2013.

All money raised through sponsorship and donations to the event, which will be staged at Lancing College next May, will go to the British Heart Foundation.

Organiser Mike Standing said: "We’re not looking for world-beating footballers, as long as they’ve got the desire to beat the record and the fitness to carry it through.

“And if there are any female players who want to take part, we’re not restricted by Guinness so we’d be happy to welcome them.”

The game will have to be witnessed by a disinterested party and filmed throughout in order to qualify for the world record.

Players are not allowed to leave the playing area.

Mr Standing added: “They’ll eat next to the pitch, sleep next to the pitch, we’ll have Portaloos set up and we’ll bring in portable floodlights to comply with planning requirements - we’ve even got to be careful of air traffic control.

“We were looking for a suitable venue to play the game, because parks and so on have restrictions on floodlights. Lancing College was happy to lend us their facilities, and it’s an ideal place with a great backdrop.”

Mr Standing and his friends have been planning the record attempt for some years, and initially Mr Chaplain was going to take part.

His untimely death two years ago from heart complications led his friends to decide to go ahead with the attempt in his memory.

To beat the 105-hour world record, the match, if it started at a normal 3pm Saturday kick-off time, would have to run interrupted until 1am the following Thursday.

Mr Standing said: “I see no reason why this can’t be done. We’ve got to find 36 local people who love football and want to be part of history - I don’t think it’ll be a problem.”

For more details and to find out about taking part visit info@heartbeatfc.org.uk or call 07779 271739.