It is appalling what has happened to the Arches.

I know that there are things in the wings for the seafront and Kemp Town but I know they will take years to happen with the best will in the world.

So I want to reveal my idea for a very affordable temporary solution which could also lead to a long term solution too.

In a nutshell it is to create a strip, the Shoot Brighton strip along the seafront to show the world that Brighton was Hollywood before Hollywood and can reclaim that position.

It is little known but between 1895 and 1900 Brighton made 184 films which is 184 more than Hollywood made.

There is a shamefully neglected plaque on The Melrose Restaurant opposite the i360 commemorating loosely that achievement.

Many of the films and much else besides have been collected over decades by Frank Gray and the Southern Screen Archive.

But how many people know this is all at Hove Museum?

Let's put it in prime position and tell the world, not just a few people in New Church Road.

The Volk's Railway could have extra stations named Brighton Rock, Quadrophenia, Alpha Papa, Carry On and Cuffs and we could have temporary buildings by the platforms holding memorabilia for all these amazing films that came from this bohemian city of ours.

And with these could be buildings showcasing the best of contemporary Brighton filmmakers and artists like those at JAG gallery.

And let's get the Brighton artists to create this totally affordable tourist attraction that is not in any way competitive to thei360.

And when the Terraces are ready, the structures can go there and what a tourist walkway that would be!

Its time for action and to think big like they did with the i360.