Posh and Becks look-alikes have been testing the water in Tinseltown to see how the celebrities will fare there.

The Beckham's number one impersonators Andy Harmer and Camilla Shadbolt, from Sussex, flew to Hollywood for a television experiment.

They wanted to see whether David and Victoria will cut it when they quit Madrid for a new life in America this summer.

Mr Harmer and Miss Shadbolt were accompanied by comedian Iain Lee for Sky One's programme The Beckhams Go To Hollywood.

Mr Lee posed as the Beckham's PA in their new-found home city to find out how the locals feel about them.

He pulled out all the stops to test Posh and Becks's A-list star power including a 15-seat stretch hummer and a ten-strong celebrity entourage.

Mr Lee attempted to shut down a store for some personal shopping in Beverly Hills, buy a $300,000 Lambourghini and get a table at The Ivy for the Beckhams and their entourage at a moment's notice.

According to Miss Shadbolt, from Eastbourne, the real couple will be treated like royalty if her experience was anything to go by.

The 25-year-old said: "They're already really popular over there. I couldn't believe it. We had people following us around everywhere."

They managed to queue-jump at exclusive nightclub Area and were treated to Crystal champagne all night.

Designer boutique H. Lorenzo donated a £9,000 black pearly necklace, believing Miss Shadbolt was the former Spice Girl star.

She added: "Of course I gave it back. I couldn't believe it when they offered it to me as a gift thinking I was the real Victoria."

Andy Harmer, also from Eastbourne, is the most recognised double of David Beckham worldwide.

He has been the England and Real Madrid superstar's doppelganger for nearly nine years.

Mr Harmer has worked closely on projects with David himself and appeared for him in films like Bend It Like Beckham, Goal and commercials for Pepsi, Adidas and Vodafone.

He won the televised 2004 "Doubles Look-alike" award alongside Miss Shadbolt, who has doubled for Victoria Beckham in Walkers commercials, baffled journalists in a commercial for Schweppes and draws a crowd wherever she goes.

They have won more castings than any of the other look-alikes in their field and are the only two that have worked with the real David and Victoria.

Miss Shadbolt is estimated to have spent £70,000 putting together her Posh look.

The Beckhams Go To Hollywood will be shown on Thursday at 8pm on Sky One.