CAROLINE Lucas and the Baroness of Moulsecoomb have teamed up and are threatening legal action to force the Government to come clean over drone strikes.

The challenge from the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion and Jenny Jones are calling for answers on whether the Government has formulated a targeted policy and if so what that policy it is, and whether it is legal.

They supported by human rights charity Reprieve and law firm Leigh Day and are highlighting the lack of parliamentary approval for the Government's adoption of the American style programme.

A Letter Before Action (LBA) was sent the firm on behalf of the MP and the baroness highlighting a lack of consistency in justifications for the strikes and a lack of transparency.

The Prime Minister described Britain’s adoption of the US-style programme as a “new departure” for the country, but has not refused to disclose details on how such strikes are governed or justified.

Caroline Lucas MP said: “The Government appears to have adopted a ‘Kill Policy’ in secret –without Parliamentary debate or the prospect of proper independent scrutiny.

"Sanctioning lethal drone attacks on British citizens is a significant departure from previous policy, as well as potentially unlawful, and it’s deeply concerning that it has occurred without appropriate oversight.

"By refusing to publish the legal basis for these attacks, the Government has created a legal and accountability vacuum.

"We need to be able to determine whether the attacks – and what they signify in terms of Government policy - meet the robust conditions set out in international and domestic law."